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Shoe Industry

KINGS is the first 3D printer manufacturer providing 3D printing solutions for the shoe industry, and below is the application of KINGS SLA 3D printing technology:

1. Prototype ( quickly check the appearance and structure of the design )

2. Casting shoe model(replacing wooden model by CNC machining)

3. Soft shoe model (fitting test to check function and comfort degree)

4. Shoe mould production (for small batch production)

5. Finished shoe sole (Customized shoe development and production )

Shoe Industry Shoe Industry

Shoe Industry

Why 90% shoe company choose KINGS? 

1.KINGS is the first 3D printer manufacturer providing 3D printing solutions for shoe model mass production. 

2. Professional engineers from brand shoe factory are employed to work together with 3D printing engineers to provide shoe manufacturers with technical expertise.

3. KINGS made breakthrough in the shoe model software in 2016, by reducing 5 hours in modifying the 3D files of shoe model for 3D printing, which has revolutionized the shoe model making.

Shoe Industry

4. Through unremitting efforts, KINGS 7255 with dual laser heads has been launched to the market, the printing efficiency of which has increased by 60%, which is capable of printing 42 shoe models in 29 hours; namely it takes only 42 minutes for each shoe model.

Shoe Industry

The link of this video : 

Sample Shoe Models

Hard shoe models:

Shoe Industry

Soft shoe models:

Shoe Industry

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