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KINGS 600Pro Art&Craft 3D Printer

KINGS 600Pro Art&Craft 3D Printer

Max Printing Size:600*600*400mm

Machine Size:118cm(W)*129cm(D)*224cm(H)

Rated Power Consumption:1.5KVA

First Tank Resin:240kg

Beam Size (diameter @1/e2):0.075-0.8mm (Variable Beam)

Max Scanning Speed:15.0 m/s

Layer Thickness:0.05mm~0.25mm

Product Details

Application: Animation 3D models, film and television props, art furniture decoration, toy, and other artistic creative fields.


Traditional ways

Artistic models used to be made by manual clay models or by CNC machining, based on which metal mold is made if mass production of the product is needed. 



·Handmade clay model can easily break and deform

·Large amount manual work involved

·Limited shapes and structures

·High cost in making one unit or small quantity of products



Kings 3D solutions

The most attractive feature of the Kings 600Pro SLA 3D printer is that it is almost unlimited in terms of product geometry. It can print a variety of products with particularly complex shapes and high-detailed skin lines in one whole piece.


·Simplify the process: Kings 600Pro 3D printer can directly print finished models, prototypes for small batch production

·Finest feature details: detail processing reaching 0.05mm.

·Free form: almost no limit to the shapes and structures of the art works



Recommended 3D Printing Material: UV Resin KS408, UV Resin KS608

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