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Kings FGF-2435 3D Printer

Kings FGF-2435 3D Printer

The Type of Kings 3D Printer: Kings FGF1 Additive 3D Printer 
Molding dimensions (L*W*H):3500*2400*1000 mm
Machine dimensions(L*W*H):7277*3906*4383 mm 
Rated Power:60kW
Slicing Supported Formats:STL/OBJ/AMF/3MF
Machine Weight:11000 kg

Product Details

Kings FGF-2435 3D Printer Overview:

Kings FGF2435 converts raw material directly to the print bed in a granular form. It is designed to print big projects, resulting in shorter turnaround times and more reliability with low material cost, fast printing speed, and the final product with high strength.

Ideal Applications:

It is widely used for sculpture making, furniture designing, the toy industry, art crafts, mold manufacturing, plaques, landscape signs, etc.


Machine model


Molding technology

FGF fused grain structure

Molding Dimensions (L*W*H)


Machine Dimensions (L*W*H)


Customizable version

Add material, reduce material, increase and decrease integration, lengthen

Optional functions

Oblique printing, vertical printing function

Working surface temperature

≤120 degrees Celsius

Table contact surface

Magnetic platform

Optional nozzle diameter


The highest temperature of the nozzle

≤450 degrees Celsius

Nozzle heating method

Four-zone intelligent heating

Print connection


Slicing supported formats


Compressed air pressure


PLA/PETG/ABS/PC/PA/HDPE/TPU/TPV/EVA optional printing materials


Material particle diameter

1-5 mm

Storage hopper volume


Automatic feeder


Power supply voltage

3-phase AC 380V

Rated power

60 kW

Machine weight

11000 kg

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  • Kings FGF-2435 3D Printer
  • Kings FGF-2435 3D Printer
  • Kings FGF-2435 3D Printer
  • Kings FGF-2435 3D Printer
  • Kings FGF-2435 3D Printer

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