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Kings 2700Pro 3D SLA Printer

Kings 2700Pro 3D SLA Printer

Basic information

Large Format SLA 3D Printer -- Kings 2700Pro (Three Lasers)

3D SLA Printer 2700Pro from Best Supplier Kings

23 Innovative Technologies, High Speed SLA 3D Printiing

Efficient and Cost一Effective Prototyping

Bring Your ldea into Reality

Product Details

Large Format SLA 3D Printer -Kings 2700Pro (Three Lasers) 

Enhanced Printing Efficiency

Intelligent high speed scanning system, 15m/s

Variable laser spot and variable power

Automatic identifying upskin and downskin withdifferentiated


Different Parameter database with different layer thickness

Long-term Printing Stability

Key components from international top brand: Optowave laser from Us, Scanlab galvanometer from Germany,

Full marble structure for enhanced recoating and scanning stability,

High stiffness light recoater to ensure recoating accuracy and efficiency,

Compensation algorithm for multi-head system, ensuring uniform curing in the printing range.

Function of 3D Printer

Industrial 3D Printer can directly form objects of other shapes from computer graphics data without machining or molds, which greatly shortens the production cycle of products and improves productivity. Although it still needs to be improved, the market potential of 3D printing technology is huge, and it will inevitably become one of the many conquering technologies in the future manufacturing industry.

3D printers are mainly used in many fields such as equipment manufacturing, aerospace, automobiles and parts, and intelligent manufacturing. As the world's latest generation of Industrial 3D Printers, 3D printers have achieved a groundbreaking speed of 10 times faster, cost reduced by half, and strength close to metal. skill improved. The 3D printer fully displays the functions of batch and large-scale production.

Basic Parameter

The Type of 3D Printer SLA Kings 3D Printer 2700Pro
Max Printing Size2700mm(X)×900mm(Y)×800mm(Z)
Machine Size360cm(W)×205cm(D)×270cm(H)
Rated Power Consumption3.0KVA
Machine Weight3600kg
First Tank Resin1950kg
Beam Size(diameter @1/e²)0.085-0.8mm (Variable Beam)
Max Scanning Speed18.0 m/s
Layer Thickness0.05mm~0.2mm
Laser TypeSolid-state frequency tripled Nd: YV04

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