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Medical Application

Due to the promotion of national policies, medical informatization and technological revolution, the market demand for medical products in China grows rapidly. 3D printing technology is increasingly being used in the medical field, especially small medical aids and accessories, such as accurate verification.

Medical Application

3D printing technology in the field of medical development:

1. Innovations in medical device design: 3D printing help to realize complicated designs that cannot be achieved in traditional manufacturing, so as to meet the special requirement of medical care;

2. Manufacturing of medical auxiliary equipment: customized medical device products for scientific research and clinical application well meet customers' requirements on cost, efficiency and quality.

3. Clinical aids and presentation: it reconstructs 3D models that are in line with the physiological characteristics of the human body, providing a powerful reference for doctors to accurately find the cause of the disease before treatment.

4. Clinical equipment testing: it helps to ensure the surgery is safe and efficient, and to reduce medical accidents.

Orthopedic preoperative model

Medical Application

3D model is reconstructed according to the patient's CT / MRI data, and a 1:1 physical model help with disease diagnosis, preoperative surgical plan design, and preoperative surgical operation.

Orthopedic surgery guide

Medical Application

By introducing 3D printing technology into reconstructive surgery, the 3D printing model can be used to assist in the preoperative simulation of craniofacial surgery, which effectively helps with the three-dimensional reconstruction of soft tissue morphological structures, and the positioning, moving and rebuilding of complex three-dimensional structures such as skulls, jaws, and sacrum. Common examples include skull models, jaw models, and outer ear models.


Medical Application

High-precision dental model can be made through 3D printing, and personalized invisible braces for different patients can be produced efficiently.

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