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Home appliances are people's daily necessity, including air conditioner, fridge, washer, acoustics, dust collector, electric fan, electric kettle, coffee pot, electric cooker, juicer, mobile phone and other small appliances. Have you ever wondered about Is A Printer An Appliance? In the intensely competitive market, more and more manufacturers of home appliances apply 3D printing technology to print prototypes of the appliances, which improves design efficiency greatly.

In the course of product design, the visualization of prototype is very important, which is the foundation of design communication and design improvement. Compared with plane 2D model and virtual 3D model in computer, the real prototype quickly made by 3D printing technology is able to show more design details, which is more visual and reliable. Besides, 3D printer is able to shorten time of mould manufacturing, which lowers the cost greatly and consequently lower the production cost of resin.

Without the limitation of product design structure and shape, 3D printing technology can print prototypes directly and quickly, which tremendously shortens the design period for the designer. Kings3D series SLA 3D printer can achieve all the applications and functions in above, including air conditioner, mobile phone, washing machine and electric iron and other housing prototypes.

The application of 3D printing technology is mainly in the following fields:

(1) Design discussion and exhibition: in the early stage of product design, it helps the achievement of inter-departmental design communication, which not only saves time, but also decreases design defect;

Home Appliance, Is A Printer An Appliance

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