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KINGS 800Pro Automotive 3D Printer

KINGS 800Pro Automotive 3D Printer

Max Printing Size:800*800*500mm

Machine Size:140cm(W)*149cm(D)*247cm(H)

Rated Power Consumption:1.8KVA

First Tank Resin:500kg

Beam Size (diameter @1/e2):0.075-0.8mm (Variable Beam)

Max Scanning Speed:15.0 m/s

Layer Thickness:0.05mm~0.25mm

Product Details

Application Description:

The SLA 3D Printing for automotive models efficiently verifies the automotive design, prototype and production, especially for complicated auto parts, saving the mold development step and thus saving time and cost. It used to take 40+ months to develop a new automotive components, and with the help of large format SLA 3D printing, the new auto parts development period can be shortened to within 1 week.
SLA 3D Printers are liked by new auto parts development and new car trial test period. What frequently made by SLA 3D Printer include car grilles, car dashboards, air conditioning lines, intake engine hoods, car lamp, tire and other decorative parts.



With customized hardware and software, KINGS 800Pro automotive 3D Printer are widely used to develop automobile prototypes with high precision, excellent surface smoothness, and much shortened product development process. 


1.Large format SLA 3D printer

Kings 3D is the first in China who develop SLA 3D printer with a printing volume of 800*800*500mm.


2.Customized software for automotive 3D printing

With more than 12 year experience in using SLA 3D printers, Kings 3D has developed sound parameter for SLA 3D Printing auto parts.


3.Fast speed printing

Kings 3D has been leading the variable beam printing and software adaption in reaching faster printing efficiency.


4.Long term printing stability

With optimization in full marble structure, customized software parameter packages, Kings SLA 3D Printers shows great stability in printing big projects continuously.


Recommended 3D Printing Material: UV Resin KS408, UV Resin KS608, UV Resin KS158T  

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