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KINGS 6035Pro Footwear 3D Printer

KINGS 6035Pro Footwear 3D Printer

Max Printing Size:350*600*350mm

Machine Size:108cm(W)*95cm(D)*198cm(H)

Rated Power Consumption:1.5KVA

First Tank Resin:About 140kg

Beam Size (diameter @1/e2):0.075-0.8mm(Variable Beam)

Max Scanning Speed:15.0m/s

Layer Thickness:0.05mm~0.25mm

Product Details

Application Description

KINGS 3D has been the first 3D printer manufacturer providing 3D printing solutions for the footwear industry, and through sustained efforts and in-depth research, Kings 3D has bring the SLA technology into a wide range of applications in the shoe industry.

Kings 6035Pro is tailored for shoe industries. The printing size is 350mm*600mm*350mm, which allows the shoe companies to print a series of shoe models (usually 5 pairs with different sizes) at the same time.


1. Shoe prototype: quickly checking the shoe design

The brown-color prototype made from Kings UV resin KS408B is perfect to show every details of the model, and it is widely received by the shoe companies.


2. Soft shoe model for fitting test

With KS198S rubber like resin, the 3D Printed shoe model can be used for checking design, and can also be tried on for fitting test.


3. Casting shoe model: replacing wooden model

The use of 3D printed shoe molds can effectively replace the CNC-engraved wooden molds and perform sand casting, and the molds made have finer textures and patterns.


4. Rapid modeling for small batch production

The 3D printed mold can be directly used to produce about 2,000-3,000 pairs of PU shoe soles .


Recommended 3D Printing Material: UV Resin KS408B, UV Resin KS608, UV Resin 198S 

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