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Kings SLA 400 3D Printer

Kings SLA 400 3D Printer

Max Printing Size: 400*400*200mm

Machine Size: 85cm(W)*105cm(D)*190cm(H) (Monitor enclosed)

Rated Power Consumption: 1.2KVA

First Tank Resin: 70kg

Beam Size (diameter @1/e2): 0.08-0.8mm (Variable Beam)

Scanning Speed: 8-15m/s

Layer Thickness: Optional between 0.05-0.2mm

Product Details

Advantages & Features

1. Marble frame structure, high-grade screw guide rails, high-precision liquid level sensor, and precision CNC calibration plate for calibration.

2. Paired with self-developed photosensitive materials, matching the characteristics of the equipment and materials, we have developed the optimal process parameter package.

3. Utilizing a marble platform with dual guide rails and a dual belt structure, achieving a silent and ultra-smooth coating movement system; real-time laser detection of liquid level, combined with a vacuum suction scraper system, ensures printing stability.

4. Automatically identifies internal and external surface information of single-section parts, and instantly switches between large and small laser spots for scanning, significantly improving printing speed.

5. The laser path is enclosed for dust prevention, greatly extending the lifespan of optical components and improving environmental adaptability; online laser detection with automatic power attenuation compensation.

6. Standard lifting float controls the liquid level height quickly and accurately without the need for frequent refills; high-precision transmission with a servo motor and ball screw ensures the accuracy of part dimensions.

7. Self-developed Kings SLA control system with tiered control permissions, open process parameters, and shared company parameter package support printing with various photosensitive resin materials to meet diverse customer requirements.

8. Using a short-distance flat-field lens enhances scanning accuracy and further improves the dimensional accuracy of printed products.


Dental Models, Shoe Mold Manufacturing, Jewelry and Accessories, Automotive Parts, Medical Models and Instruments, Scientific Research and Education


Printing Size

Printing Precision
±0.08(L≦100mm); ±0.1%*L(L>100mm)
Layer Thickness
Optional between (0.05mm-0.2mm)
Laser Type
Diode-Pumped Solid-State Laser Nd, Wavelength 355nm
Beam SizeVariable Beam Size between 0.08mm-0.8mm
Scanning SystemHigh-speed Scanning Galvanometer System, Paired with F-theta Lens
Scanning Speed

8-15m/s automatically generates scanning paths

Equipment Control SoftwareKings SLA control software, independently developed, copyrighted
Operating System
Windows 10
Data InterfaceSTL, SLC
Power Supply200-240V, 50/60Hz, Unidirectional 10A
Rated Power Consumption1.2 KVA
Heating Method
Hot Air Heating (optional)
Ambient Temperature20-26℃
Equipment Dimensions85cm(W)*105cm(D)*190cm(H)
Relative Humidity

≦40%, Frost-free

Equipment Weight650kg
First Tank Weight


  • Kings SLA 400 3D Printer
  • Kings SLA 400 3D Printer
  • Kings SLA 400 3D Printer
  • Kings SLA 400 3D Printer
  • Kings SLA 400 3D Printer

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