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KINGS 800Pro Sculpture 3D Printer

KINGS 800Pro Sculpture 3D Printer

Max Printing Size:800*800*500mm

Machine Size:140cm(W)*149cm(D)*247cm(H)

Rated Power Consumption:1.8KVA

First Tank Resin:500kg

Beam Size (diameter @1/e2):0.075-0.8mm (Variable Beam)

Max Scanning Speed:15.0 m/s

Layer Thickness:0.05mm~0.25mm

Product Details

Application: sculpture prototype, statue prototype

Traditional ways

After making 3D model drawing of a sculpture or statue, CNC machine is used to make the prototype first. Then use the models to produce silicon or plaster mold and mold to make prototype or finished products.


·Many waste and dust

·The model is cut in many pieces due to irregular shape and complicated structure 

·Changing tools frequently with different parts

·Complex production process, especially for RFP products making


Kings 3D solutions

Kings large format SLA 3D printer Kings 800Pro is designed for large scale printing, especially suitable for big sculptures and statues. Kings 800Pro can improve the production efficiency and the quality of the finished products.


·Time-saving: Kings 800Pro SLA 3D printer prints sophisticated sculpture fast as any other regular models

·Smooth surface finish: Layer thickness min.0.05mm

·Less cutting and gluing work: large printing size 800*800*500mm

·User-friendly: no tool change, clear and simple work-flow

·Low material waste



Recommended 3D Printing Material: UV Resin KS408, UV Resin KS608 

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