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The traditional architectural model design is based on drawing design, and the model production is hand-made and time-consuming. KINGS SLA 3D printer uses laser curing technology, which directly visualize the design concepts by restoring the true details of the digital CAD design and printing a resin model with smooth surface. It greatly shortens the model production cycle, and speeds up the project schedule.

3D printing technology has incomparable advantages in real estate sandbox production. Below is its main application:

1. Auxiliary design: 3D printing technology can quickly restore design drawings and assist design proposal verification.

2. Quick design model: 3D printing technology can quickly print out the building display model and show the building plan to customers.

3. Save the time of building scale model: 3D printer greatly reduces the time required to create a scale model. 

4. Friendly for modification: 3D printing gives you more flexibility in modifying the models. If the customer proposes any changes, you can simply edit it on the file .

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Building Model

Building Model

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