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KINGS 3D 7th Anniversary Celebration, Speech by Mr. Jiang

I remember that KINGS 3D was established on May 5, 2015, when the founders were Mr. Qiu and Mr. Chen, and soon after that, our KINGS colleagues slowly increased, and now there are probably 400 to 500 people. At that time, I just thought, people have their own needs at all times, KINGS people must think of the people around us, including customers, colleagues, etc., and serve the needs of the market, which is our value.

Today is the 7th birthday of KINGS 3D, today I also hope that all the people present, must be happy, must be happy, if it is happy, it is the best. I remember the last time when Zhejiang KINGS was established, I said this to Mr. Zhong: Why do I want to go to Zhejiang? I was thinking that in Shenzhen, no matter how hard I try, it seems difficult to help my colleagues around me to have a suite in Shenzhen. Shenzhen's housing prices are known to be high, but I went to Zhejiang, there is this opportunity to achieve, so I put everyone together, and Zhong proposed a goal, so that colleagues in Zhejiang can afford to buy a house, this as Zhong's assessment indicators. That said, in fact, in Shenzhen should also be able to, I hope Mr. Chen can add this assessment index.

I hope that every president of KINGS will put it in the first place, although I dare not guarantee that we can afford to buy a house, at least we are happy and joyful, this is very important. Of course, this year or next year, can include this into the scope of assessment, that can also be done, I believe that our team, efforts can definitely be achieved, this is the first point I share!

KINGS 3D 7th Anniversary Celebration, Speech by Mr. Jiang

Mr. Jiang and Mr. Chen cut the 7th anniversary birthday cake

The second point, we are in business, from the start-up in 2015 to date, in 2016 we have been able to do tens of millions of profits. There are countless difficulties in the development of the market, but we did it, why can do, in fact, I think it is also very simple, at that time our boss and all sales colleagues, the heart is loaded with the market. The first thing we considered was what problems we could solve for the market and for our customers. At the same time, we also have the needs of our employees, the needs of KINGS people, because the employees are the biggest wealth of the company, therefore, unity and solidarity have brought us to today.

In the future, I hope that we will uphold the spirit of KINGS, unite together and solve the market demand of our customers with our heart, so that our company will be invincible and we can be the most profitable company. We make money so that our employees can be happy and joyful, so that we can serve our customers better, which is mutual. As our success assessment indicators, we add together, I believe that all can be achieved, at least you can buy a house in Dongguan, no problem.

Buy a house is just a statement, I want to say is that the people who struggle with me, the people around me, at least at least should, have a set of their own house and car, which is the real reason I opened a company in Chongqing, in Zhejiang, also opened a company in Jiangxi, we have achieved a suite and a car when the material life has been guaranteed, we can better install our customers. Back to what we said earlier, we can earn money, we have stronger power to push our customers, to promote the development of our customers, to create greater value for our customers, we can better take into account the needs of our customers.

KINGS 3D 7th Anniversary Celebration, Speech by Mr. Jiang

KINGS 3D 7th anniversary group photo

To do business must be sincere, heart and soul to solve the needs of customers, or human needs, we can dare to say to do is the strongest enterprise. We want to really solve the real problems of customers and the market, in addition to see if we can do, but also can really do a good job, here we need unity, the more united we are the greater our strength, the stronger the ability to solve the problem will be.

Colleagues, I made this wish seven years ago, now look back as if gradually a bit to achieve, I now take us all to make a wish again to see, really want employees to buy a house in Shenzhen, we must do. As long as the material foundation is well laid, I believe that the service market customers have more confidence.

KINGS 3D 7th Anniversary Celebration, Speech by Mr. Jiang

Mr. Jiang unveiled the plaque at the housewarming celebration

KINGS products must have a little relationship with all the people around us, it may be a little difficult to do, but if we really do it, the wish of all of us to buy a suite in Shenzhen is not a problem, and Mr. Chen's kpi will reach the target and be successful!

The last time the company moved to Guangming District, I was thinking, I hope the people of KINGS united, can have good relationship with all the people around us, can make all the people around us like us, or like what we do, like the talent we do. To really get them to like it, you have to build some relationship with all of them.

Can any of you tell us how we can make our product and build a relationship with all the people around us? The richest man in the world, Microsoft Bill Gates, how did he manage to get all the people to leave him? Can we make everyone around us inseparable from us? If we really make a big wish, we can do it if we really think about the people around us and our customers at all times, in the industry we are in. Mr. Chen, we can really do it, this is also the goal that I have been striving for all these years, if anyone really wants to know how to do it, we can also discuss it together!

Come on, KINGS people, today we will let Mr. Chen take us to achieve this common wish, thank you!

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