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Kings SLA 3D Printer Widely Used to Fight Coronavirus (COVID-19) 

In the beginning of 2020, the whole world is facing a huge enemy -- Coronavirus. As known to all, Coronavirus is highly infectious and has a long incubation period, so protective equipment is critical for medical workers. Without or lacking defense weapon, medical workers are at greater risk of infection. Only by solving this problem perfectly can they fight against Coronavirus.


With the mature development of 3d printing technology, 3d printing technology is frequently applied in clinical medicine, helping more and more patients. At this time, Kings SLA 3d printers is widely used to develop goggles, shield masks, and breathing valves, which are actively contributing to the fight against Coronavirus. The following are the medical protective products produced by customers of Kings 3D with SLA 3D Printers .


1. Goggles by Kings SLA 3D Printer

In Lanzhou, Kings SLA 3d printer’s customer has successfully produced medical goggles using SLA 3d printing technology. They Collect data for medical staff, customize goggles. Daily production has been up to 200 pairs to help the anti-epidemic medical staff. The product is suitable for the protection of inspection and treatment in medical institutions, blocking virus spreading via intimate communication. Compared with ordinary isolation eye mask, the frame material of 3D printed goggles has good biological compatibility, anti-atomization, comfort, perfect fitting, which is very suitable for high-intensity work and has been well received by the medical staff.

kings-sla-3d-printer-widely-used-to-fight-coronavirus kings-sla-3d-printer-widely-used-to-fight-coronavirus kings-sla-3d-printer-widely-used-to-fight-coronavirus

2. Shield Mask by Kings SLA 3D Printer

The protective cover is one of the essential items to prevent the epidemic. Kings SLA 3D printer’s partner in Turkey, Promakim, who uses Kings SLA 3d printer to develop 3d-printed medical mask. An important part of these masks are 3d printable brackets that help ensure comfort. 3D printing is based on data from a scan of the wearer's head and face. A batch of personalized face masks can be created in a few hours and be reused after disinfection. The masks will give doctors protection from droplets from patients and help meet the needs of many hospitals and clinics. Masks are now often worn for long periods of time by health care workers. The 3d printed mask adjuster has a buckle to help the wearer reduce earache caused by wearing the mask for long periods of time.

 kings-sla-3d-printer-widely-used-to-fight-coronavirus kings-sla-3d-printer-widely-used-to-fight-coronavirus kings-sla-3d-printer-widely-used-to-fight-coronavirus

3. Breather Valve by Kings SLA 3D Printer

In March 2020, Surface Engine, a German 3d printing company working with Kings SLA 3D Printer, produced a breathing valve using SLA 3d printing technology and delivered it to local hospitals that were in urgent need of medical supplies. While injection mold could not respond in time, and the CNC could not produce in batches quickly, 3D printing in small batches is playing a huge role. The material of 3d printed breathing valve is SLA resin, which has a lot of benefits: high precision, smooth surface, easy cleaning and assembling, economic cost, and ultraviolet post-curing process helping with sterilization.

 kings-sla-3d-printer-widely-used-to-fight-coronavirus kings-sla-3d-printer-widely-used-to-fight-coronavirus kings-sla-3d-printer-widely-used-to-fight-coronavirus

The manufacturing advantages of SLA 3d printing technology, such as flexibility, rapid response and low cost, can be fully demonstrated in the case of fighting Coronavirus. Kings 3D is very proud and will actively continue to participate in the war against Coronavirus together with Kings partners and customers. 

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