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Kings P440 SLS 3D Printer

Kings P440 SLS 3D Printer

The Type of Kings 3D Printer: Kings P440
External Dimensions(L*W*H):1852mm*1335mm*2278mm
Build Cylinder Size(L*W*H):440mm*440mm*450mm
Power Requirements:380V,3~/N/PE,50Hz
Laser Type:CO2
Scanning System:High-precision 3D dynamic focus

Product Details


Kings P440 SLS 3D Printer is a new Large printing size and high molding efficiency.

The size of the molding cylinder is 440*440mm(XY). 

The continuously optimized temperature control scheme and scanning path scheme can improve the molding efficiency, and it will be upgraded for customers free of charge for life.


(1) The reuse rate of consumables is nearly 100%

Using the original revival technology of PA powder can make the powder utilization rate close to 100%, and at the same time, it can ensure that the parts have high surface quality and mechanical properties.

(2) The equipment utilization rate is nearly 100%

Through the optimization of the anti-oxidation of consumables, after the printing is completed, the cylinder can be taken to cool down, and at the same time, the printing operation of the next cylinder can be continued when the equipment is still at high temperature, which can effectively reduce the cooling and warm-up time and reduce energy consumption.

B adopts an external powder cylinder to realize automatic powder feeding and powder replenishment at any time during printing.

(3)Two-way intelligent powder spreading with double scrapers

The scraper can be easily adjusted in multiple axes, and the surface quality of the molded parts is high. 

Two-way powder supply and powder spreading with double scrapers can achieve precise and even powder spreading, improve the stability of the temperature field and reduce the amount of powder spilled.

Ideal Applications

Widely used in Medical Industry, large-size prototypes, designing, industrial parts, defense, aerospace.

Basic Parameter

The Type of 3D Printer: Kings P440 SLS 3D Printer
External Dimensions(L*W*H):1852mm* 1335mm* 2278mm
Build Cylinder Size(L*W*H):440mm*440mm*450mm
Scanning System:High-precision 3D dynamic focus
Maximum Molding Temperature:


Temperature Control System:8-zone independent temperature zone control
Recommended Molding Thickness:Customized Metal Alloy Materials
Forming Cylinder Size:440mm*440mm*450mm (length, width and height)

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  • Kings P440 SLS 3D Printer
  • Kings P440 SLS 3D Printer
  • Kings P440 SLS 3D Printer
  • Kings P440 SLS 3D Printer
  • Kings P440 SLS 3D Printer

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