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Kings M450 SLM 3D Printer

Kings M450 SLM 3D Printer

The Type of Kings 3D Printer:  M450 2 Laser 2 Galvanometer SLM 3D Printer
External Dimensions(L*W*H):2540mm*1500mm*2454mm(100*59*96.6 in)
Build Cylinder Size(L*W*H):425*425*450mm(16.7*16.7*17.7 in)
Layer Thickness:0.02mm~0.1mm (0.0008-0.0039 in)

Product Details


Kings M450 is a high-efficiency solution launched by KINGS 3D Printing for large-size metal 3D printing applications. Multi-laser and multi-galvanometer are combined on the same platform, which improves the printing efficiency by more than 80%. For the first time, an all-closed looped powder handling system is adopted to reduce the harm of dust to the human body. It can be used in molds, automobiles, aerospace, nuclear power and military industry, orthopedic medicine, and other fields.


(1) Large-size Multi-laser High-efficiency Forming on the Same Platform

     The multi-laser and multi-galvanometer work together on the same platform synchronously, which can improve the printing efficiency by more than 80% and enables efficient printing of large-sized parts

(2) Intelligent Operation Design

     Unattended automatic operation printing, automatic/manual control free switching, self-diagnosis function, safety protection, and automatic fault alarm.

(3) Double Circulation Wind Site Protection System

     Dual-circulation wind site protection system to extend the lifespan of the optical components.

(4) All Closed Looped Powder Handling System

     A closed powder internal processing system, isolates the printing system from the external environment and reduces the harm of powder to the human body.

Ideal Applications

Widely used in Mold, Automobile, Aerospace, Nuclear Power Military, Orthopedic, etc..

Basic Parameter

The Type of 3D Printer: Kings M450 SLM 3D Printer
External Dimensions(L*W*H): 2540mm*1500mm*2454mm(100*59*96.6 in)
Build Cylinder Size(L*W*H): 425*425*450mm(16.7*16.7*17.7 in)
Layer Thickness: 0.02mm~0.1mm (0.0008-0.0039 in)
Scanning Speed: 15m/s
Laser Type: Dual IPG Lasers, 2*500W
Galvanometer: F theta lenses or dynamic focusing system
Inert Gas Protection: Argon/Nitrogen
Operating System: 64-bit Windows 10
Comprehensive Software: Kings 3D Self-developed Control System
Data File Format: STL or Other Convertible Format
Power Supply: 220V AC 50/60HZ 45A Single Phase
Operating Ambient   Temperature: 15-36 ℃
Materials: 316L,Ti6AI4V,AISi10Mg,In   718,CuSn10,CoCr,18Ni300 etc, more materials
Powder Delivery: Double Cylinder One Way Powder Feeding

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  • Kings M450 SLM 3D Printer
  • Kings M450 SLM 3D Printer
  • Kings M450 SLM 3D Printer
  • Kings M450 SLM 3D Printer

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