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Kings SLA Printer Application in Film and Television Props

At present, the film props industry is undergoing a dramatic change, the traditional production methods may soon be obsolete -- SLA 3D printing has become the hottest "new star" in this field, which would renew the production of physical props and scenes with its rapid production speed, low production cost and strong production ability.


Traditional model making usually uses manual engraving, cutting and other methods, which is difficult to ensure the accuracy, especially the complex structure. While SLA printing can solve these problems perfectly. Kings SLA printers are with high speed 12m/s-18m/s and accuracy reaching layer thickness 0.05-0.25mm. The SLA printers can print props and props replicas with smooth surface, fine details and exquisite structure. And the SLA printed models are easy for color coating like spraying primer, spraying main color, applying special color, hook detail and so on. The finished 3D models can meet the requirements of the complexity, realistic effects and strong visual impact of films and television props.


SLA 3D printing can greatly reduce the production cost of film and television models. Whether by hand or by outsourcing, traditional model making will consume a lot of time and cost. SLA 3D printing can be used for rapid prototype, which can not only shorten the production time by about 60-70% but also reduce about 50% cost of props making comparing to the traditional crafts.


There is no doubt that SLA 3D printing technology has a fairly broad application prospect in the field of film and television industry. It can solve many urgent problems in the process of film production for example static model production, physical effect simulation, mechanical model production, film product development and many other aspects.

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