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Kings Different Models of FGF Pellets Machine

Kings 3D has launched 4 models of FGF machines and it is applied in different industries. 

Kings FGF800 machine

Kings Different Models of FGF Pellets Machine

This model uses granular and polymer composite materials for printing, which has the advantages of low material cost, fast printing speed and forming speed, high strength, and outdoor weather resistance.  A new generation of industrial-grade high-performance 3D printers developed by using Fused Grain Structure (FGF) technology and a new generation of screw extrusion technology, with self-developed consumables.

Kings FGF1800 machine

Kings Different Models of FGF Pellets Machine

FGF1800 is welcomed by many industries. It has 2 large features. 

1) Cost-effective materials based on ABS, ASA, PETG+glass fiber/carbon fiber are suitable for indoor and outdoor sculptures, special-shaped walls, furniture, models, molds, display props, and other application markets.

2) The personalized external fixation brace based on PP, PLA, and other materials is suitable for the prevention and correction of limb deformities, postoperative rehabilitation, and other medical fields due to its characteristics of fast, accurate, light, and easy to clean.

Kings FGF2420 machine

Kings Different Models of FGF Pellets Machine

Kings FGF2420 (additive-only model) converts raw material directly to the print bed in a granular form. It is designed to print big projects, resulting in shorter turnaround times and more reliability with low material cost, fast printing speed, and the final product with high strength. It can also be the combination of Additive and subtractive with milling and printing in the same box. Which greatly shortens the manufacturing time for clients.

Kings FGF2435 machine

Kings Different Models of FGF Pellets Machine

This is the largest model of Kings FGF machine with molding size 3500*2400*1000mm. For all Kings FGF models, If the machine stops printing due to machine failure or insufficient materials, the machine can automatically restore the data and continue to work. If it is because of a power outage, you cannot reply. After a power outage, engineers need to modify the program by themselves, find the path, and continue printing. Currently, there are two heating zones for 1600 and three heating zones for 2400. The number of heating zones can be customized. If you need many, we can customize multiple. 

Kings FGF printer with different models has been applied in all walks of life. If you need it, feel free to contact us!

Contributor: Lily/ Lili Lu/ Christine

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