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Introduction of Kings KS408A White Resin

Advantages of Kings 408A

- Highly accurate and strong toughness 

- Highly durable 

- Fine surface texture 

- Good moisture resistance 

- Easy to clean and finish

- Stable

- High Precision: Printing with a minimum layer thickness of 0.05mm and achieving a maximum molding accuracy of 0.03/100mm.

- Versatile Surface Finishes: The printed products are suitable for various surface treatments such as polishing, sandblasting, painting, and dyeing.

- Fine Detailing for Complex Structures: The precision achieved by industrial SLA printers extends to fine detailing, allowing for the creation of complex structures with unprecedented intricacy.

Introduction of Kings KS408A White Resin

Ideal Applications of Kings 408A

- Prototypes

- Concept models

- Low-volume production models

- Automotive, aerospace, architecture, electronic applications

- Fit/form, proof of concept prototypes, and engineering verifications.

- Investment Casting Patterns.

- Rapid Tooling, Jigs & Fixtures.

- Designer models, snap-fit assemblies.

- Scale & exhibition models.

- Optics, transparent covers.

- Molds & casting patterns.

Introduction of Kings KS408A White Resin

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