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KINGS 3D 2022 Mid-year Management Analysis Meeting Was Successfully Held

KINGS 3D 2022 Mid-year Management Analysis Meeting Was Successfully Held

When we set out on the journey, we are full of enthusiasm; look at today's success, it is achieved by all the people together. On June 30, KINGS 3D Central and South China region mid-year business analysis meeting was held in KINGS 3D Shenzhen headquarters, Mr. Jiang Zexing, Chairman and General Manager of KINGS 3D, Mr. Chen Binyun, Executive Vice General Manager, Mr. Qiu Haiping, General Manager of KINGS Jiangxi, and sales elites and sales assistants from Central and South China region attended the meeting. The meeting reviewed the overall operation of the company in the first half of the year, put forward new requirements for improvement programs for the problems found in the work, and interpreted the newly introduced sales policies, further clarified the development ideas for the second half of the year, and planned the layout for the achievement of the annual target.


Gathering strength, continue to create high revenue

KINGS 3D 2022 Mid-year Management Analysis Meeting Was Successfully Held

At the meeting, Chairman Jiang Zexing expressed his full confidence and bright expectations for the future development and planning of KINGS 3D, and emphasized that all personnel should further raise awareness, strengthen confidence and gather strength to accelerate the company to achieve high-quality and rapid development and become an excellent brand enterprise loved by everyone. He said that in the first half of 2022, with the deepening of the company's strategic layout, the company will usher in a new round of development opportunities, and in the face of a broader 3D printing market space, we have incomparable firmness and confidence to create new performance and contribute new strength. At the same time, the company will spare no effort to let every employee enjoy the fruits of the company's development by formulating and implementing a scientific, reasonable and fair employee incentive system, and strive to achieve a significant increase in employee income. He also pointed out that the performance growth in the second half of the year is very crucial for the company, and we should unite our efforts, make every effort to go beyond, create higher income for the company, and struggle tirelessly to achieve the company's goal!

KINGS 3D 2022 Mid-year Management Analysis Meeting Was Successfully Held


According to the meeting process, KINGS 3D South China and Central China regional leaders reported one by one on the sales achievement and project execution in the first half of the year. In all the speeches, all of us are responsible and firm determination, clear to reach the annual performance target of key measures and action plans.


Looking for deficiencies, building industry elites

Find deficiencies and clarify ideas in the results, and determine the direction and clear goals in the collision of ideas. Executive Vice President Chen Bingyun pointed out that the focus of this meeting is to sort out experience and analyze shortcomings, hoping that through the exchange and collision of ideas to guide the direction of our development forward. The market is unpredictable and competition is always there! He stressed that all regional leaders should take the responsibility to sink into the market with their hearts and minds, and enhance the response speed to customer needs and market demand through continuous learning and understanding of customers and the market.

KINGS 3D 2022 Mid-year Management Analysis Meeting Was Successfully Held


By sharing his own years of sales experience, Vice President Chen Binyun encouraged everyone to be a learning and all-round industry elite. He encouraged everyone to be hard-working, diligent in learning, visit customers more often and give full play to their potential. "The volume of customers determines the volume of transactions; the larger the customer base, the higher the probability of transactions." Finally, Mr. Chen also made an authoritative interpretation of the new sales policy, which provides more efficient policy support for sales.


Dive into the market with heart and bite the target

At the meeting, General Manager Qiu Haiping of KINGS 3D Jiangxi elaborated on the first half year business summary and the second half year work plan. Mr. Qiu said that in the first half of this year, we still have a gap from the scheduled target, and we must make every effort to reach the annual target in the second half of the year. He asked that we should not lose our direction in the market, we should continue the spirit of "With sincerity, KINGS can achieve anything", sink into the front line with our heart, keep a keen sense of the market, customers and competitors, and know ourselves and them; in order to cope with the market competition. In order to cope with the market competition, we must visit customers regularly, establish a customer return mechanism, be a personal advisor to customers, and meet the new needs of customers flexibly and efficiently; be result-oriented, speak with performance, be brave to carry out criticism and self-criticism within the team, strengthen self-reflection, and establish effective data management for customers, rivals and teams; COVID-19 is not an excuse for us to avoid performance, we have to get up the spirit, dare to We have to fight against difficulties, resolutely put an end to the fear of difficulties, and work together to complete the task indicators assigned by the company!


KINGS 3D 2022 Mid-year Management Analysis Meeting Was Successfully Held


The future is full of possibilities if we do not slacken our efforts! Success always favors those who work hard, and only with the ambition of not being left behind and the confidence to continue to create brilliance, KINGS 3D will be able to create new achievements! After this meeting, we have clarified the progress of the company's current work and the next focus of work, and are confident in the company's development prospects and full of hope for the 3D printing industry. We believe that KINGS people will be able to bite the target, riveting energy, continue to uphold the spirit of "With sincerity, KINGS can achieve anything", dive into the 3D printing market, service customers, and strive to exceed the company's annual plan goals!

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