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The Application Prospects of 3D Printers in Home and School Education

The Chinese civilization has lasted for thousands of years. Whether at home or school education, Chinese traditions have always attached great importance to it. We lost our creativity for pride and paid a heavy price. We are also plagued by the lack of innovation momentum caused by the lack of innovation in modern science and technology. However, in recent years, Chinese schools and parents have gradually begun to return to rationality, and excellent ideas such as craftsmanship and the unity of knowledge and action have begun to emerge. Our education has begun to focus on cultivating children’s imagination and creativity, and helping children to give away their knowledge through various forms Practice, learn knowledge in practice.

As a creation technology, 3D Printing is the main project in the maker education boom that is being carried out in primary and secondary schools in various places. In the process of designing and realizing dreams through 3D printers, children can use their imagination at will Develop three-dimensional spatial thinking ability, stimulate students' interest in science, mathematics, especially engineering and design creativity, and bring together practice and theory, knowledge and thinking, reality and the future.

3D Printers

3D Printers

In addition, teachers can also use 3D Printers to construct three-dimensional geometric models and other teaching tools to inspire students to understand knowledge in the form of physical objects. For example, in mathematics classes, 3D printing can help students see more three-dimensional graphics and mathematics. Models can quickly help students establish three-dimensional spatial imagination thinking; in geography class, 3D printing can help students better understand the scale of geological structures; in history class, replicas of ancient cultural relics can enable students to gain more experience in middle school. Abstract teaching concepts are easier to understand and make learning fun.

In the other direction, family education is sometimes more important than school. Parents are the best teachers for children. In the eyes of children, parents are the people they trust most. Therefore, children often subconsciously learn from their parents, including some thinking and characteristics. . 3D printers can be used as a bridge between parents and children, entertaining, get rid of mobile phones and TV together, and DIY some interesting toys or home accessories together.

In summary, the application prospects of 3D printers in the education field should be obvious, and the current domestic 3D printing industry has become more mature, and the price has been greatly reduced. In fact, consumers can easily enjoy and use 3D printing. Awareness may be a bit lagging. I believe that in the near future, Domestic 3D Printers will inevitably be more high-quality and smart like computers and mobile phones, bringing the convenience of technology and the fun of creation to millions of households!

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