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How 3D Printing Is Changing the Footwear Industry

At this stage 3D printing can be used in R&D and production environments in a variety of fields, even in the fashion industry. 3D printing is useful in the footwear market to create 3D printed shoes with original designs, insoles for rapid prototyping and to experiment with new manufacturing processes.

Designers and 3D printing

3D printing allows designers to create original garments. But its applications in fashion don't stop there, as it can also create shoes with amazing designs.

The technology allows designers to further refine the structure of their designs. It's a whole new way to change the manufacturing process. Creating organic structures using 3D printing has become easier than traditional manufacturing processes.

Shoe 3d printers use recyclable materials to reduce the carbon footprint. In addition, there is no material waste because 3D printing allows for custom production, making as many pairs of shoes as needed.

How 3D Printing Is Changing the Footwear Industry

Are 3D printed shoes for everyone

It is now easy for people to buy a pair of 3D printed shoes made using 3D printing technology. But you can also get custom shoes as they offer different models of slides and sneakers for men and women, as well as wedges that feature a lattice design. To get custom 3D printed shoes, you have to download their app to 3D scan your feet to get 3D printed footwear models. Then, you simply choose from the different models of shoes that Feetz offers. They will create a custom pair of shoes for you based on the 3D printed model of your feet.

3D printed shoes actually make sense and you can produce them faster compared to the traditional manufacturing process.

3D Printed Sneakers

You can now use 3D printing technology to create custom sneakers. In fact, the soles of sneakers are particularly well suited for 3D printing. Branded footwear manufacturers are currently using 3D printing. For example, brands such as Adidas, Nike, New Balance and Under Armour have made 3D printed sneakers.

You can customize your shoes by choosing the look and color of Adidas, and Nike uses 3D printing extensively for shoe prototyping, and they are proud to say that they use selective laser sintering to make their prototypes. In fact, thanks to rapid prototyping, you can develop and iterate on shoe designs very easily.

How 3D Printing Is Changing the Footwear Industry

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What is the future of 3D printed shoes

Big brands are forming partnerships with major players in 3D printing like HP and incorporating 3D printing processes into the production of some of their models.

3D printing can will push the limits of shoe design with a new manufacturing paradigm while creating entirely new manufacturing methods that can even create shoes or insoles to measure more comfortably. There are many reasons to make 3D printed shoes, and the next few years could see further advances!

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