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SLA 3D Printing in FRP Sculpture Production Application

SLA printing is widely used in sculptures,statue, anime characters and figure for its fine details. This article will talk about its application in the large FRP sculpture production.

Fibre-reinforced plastic (FRP), also called fiber-reinforced polymer, is a composite material made of a polymer matrix reinforced with fibers.

FRP products show better performance, use and life attributes than the same products made by the materials. Its characteristics of light weight and low price, easy to shape, customizable, and freely adjustable colors, can well express the artist's ideas. Therefore, FRP sculptures are becoming more and more popular among merchants and sellers, occupying more and more market share.

      SLA 3D Printing in FRP Sculpture Production Application

Glass fiber reinforced plastic sculpture production process:

First, use specific clay materials to create a clay model of the corresponding work, or use 3D modeling and CNC to carve the foam model, then use the clay model or foam model to make the plaster or silicone outer mold, and then use the glass fiber reinforced plastic (ie resin and glass cloth) The combination) is painted inside the outer mold. After it dries, the outer mold is opened, and the finished glass fiber reinforced plastic sculpture is obtained through the mold clamping procedure. Then paint colors or do other post processing with the sculpture according to customers’ requirement. 

      SLA 3D Printing in FRP Sculpture Production Application


Kings large size SLA 3D printer can print the model for making silicon or plaster outer mold, or directly mold for producing RFP sculptures. It is much more faster than hand made clay model and CNC machining. For example, Kings SLA 3D printer can print different parts at the same time while CNC machine has to change machining tool, not to mentioned hand made efficiency. Hand made clay model highly relies on the skills and experience of the craftsman, And the SLA 3D printer can also easily print irregular shapes and complicated structures with perfect details. 

With Kings large scale SLA 3D printer,the production process of RFP Sculpture can be more effective and cost-saving. These advantages will surely make the sculpture makers stand out in the competition.

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