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Automotive Industry

While the traditional designer of the car relies on hand-made sludge model, 3D printing machine is able to print the prototype directly.

3D printing has been applied in automobile industry in three aspects:

1. Prototype design;

2. Printing of complicated auto parts;

3. Production of the whole auto model.

KINGS 3D printers has its advantages not only in producing high-precision, small complex parts efficiently, but also in printing large panel with its large size SLA 3D printers. KINGS has also invested a lot in R&D of printing materials specialized for automotive industry.


The first KINGS 1700 SLA 3D Printer was customized for the automotive industry, with a printing size of 1700mm*800mm*500mm, with dual laser heads printing large size products within half the time compared with ordinary SLA 3D printers.

Automotive Industry

Automotive Industry

Automotive Industry

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Automotive Industry

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