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KS-350 Specifications

KS-350 Specifications

Product Details

Formation Dimension325mm*325mm*400mm
Laser500W、500W*2/IPG Fiber Laser
Layer Thickness20μm-120μm
Line Weight70μm-200μm
Max Scanning Speed≤7000mm/s
Linear Velocity600-4000mm/s
Oxygen Concentration Control≤100PPM
Bed Pre-heating Temperature≤200℃
Atmospheric ControlArgon Content , Nitrogen Purification Efficiency, Collection Coefficient ≥99% (In the Sealed Environment)
Powdered MaterialStainless Steel, Cobalt-chromium Alloy, Hastelloy Alloy, Titanium Alloy, Nickel Base Alloy, Die Steel, Aluminum Alloy and Refractory Metals such as Tungsten and Tantalum
Part DensityNearly 100%
Powder Spreading MannerAutomatic Powder Feeding, Two-way Powder Spreading

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