Development History

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Development History


1) R&D and production of various kinds of 3D printing materials were started;

2) A clear industry module of R&D and production of 3D printing machines, R&D and production of 3D printing materials and comprehensive prototyping services was formed;

3) The headquarters of Shenzhen KINGS 3D Printing Technology Co., Ltd was moved to Shajing Road, Shenzhen, and set up standardized and large-scale 3D printing machines’ production base;

4) KINGS 3D printing materials' research developed white resin, transparent resin, ABS-like resin, high temperature-resistant resin, hard resins like pink resin and blue resin, and practical soft resins. Rapid custom-made operation mechanism has been achieved according to clients' requirements in material color;

5) Research of 3D printers' multiple technologies and models is started.


1) 3D printing materials were formally launched into the market for testing and practical application;

2) Professional mould rapid prototyping teams were built in industries like shoe mold, automobile, architecture, decorative lighting, and etc., 

3) Professional 3D drawing research department were set up, which has accelerated the application of related technologies.


1) After moving Shanghai production base to Longhua District, Shenzhen City, Shenzhen KINGS 3D Printing Technology Co., Ltd was established, and meanwhile the research and development of 3D printing materials was started.

2) A professional R&D team of shoe mould was organized to develop professional technology compatible to the shoe mould industry.


KINGS officially started the batch manufacturing of 3D printing machines in Shanghai City


A few achievements were made in the field of 3D printing technology


KINGS began to research and develop 3D printing technology


KINGS Product Design Co., Ltd was established in Chenghai District, Shantou City

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