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The 19th Jinjang Footwear & The 2nd Sports Industry International Exposition, China

Kings displays the industrial KINGS 6035 3D printer which takes 1.05 hours on average to print a standard sole. It takes 3 hours to finish the shoe model.

      The 19th Jinjang Footwear

                 Director Gao introducing professional shoe software of Kings 6035 to shoe manufacturer

      The 19th Jinjang Footwear

Marketing Director Mr. Qiu sharing the application of Kings 3D Printing with the head of Quan zhou Mold Association 


What can Kings3D printers do in shoe model?

1. Hard white shoe model

      The 19th Jinjang Footwear

2. Soft white shoe model

      The 19th Jinjang Footwear

3. Hard colorful shoe model

      The 19th Jinjang Footwear

In addition, Kings3D also brings the self-developed polymer 3D printing raw materials, which is also a photosensitive resin, with good ductility, wear resistance and toughness, and can be used to print the finished soles.    

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