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Where Can 3D Printing Be Used In Industry

3D printing accelerates innovation and supports businesses across a wide range of industries, including engineering, manufacturing, dentistry, healthcare, education, entertainment, jewelry, hearing and more.

Where Can 3D Printing Be Used In Industry

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HD physical models are widely used for sculpting, character modeling, and prop making. 3D printed parts have been featured in stop-motion movies, video games, custom costumes, and even special effects for blockbuster films.

Engineering Design

Rapid prototyping using 3D printing enables engineers and product designers to transform ideas into realistic proofs of concept, advance those concepts to high-fidelity prototypes that look like the final product, and guide the product through a series of validation stages for mass production.


Manufacturers use prototyping tools and direct 3D printing of custom tools, molds and manufacturing aids to automate the production process and streamline workflows at a much lower cost and lead time than traditional manufacturing. This reduces manufacturing costs and defects, improves quality, speeds assembly, and maximizes labor efficiency.


Jewelry professionals use CAD and 3D printing to rapidly prototype designs, customize and produce high volume off-the-shelf products for their clients. Digital tools allow the creation of consistent, clear, detailed pieces without the fuss and variation of wax sculpture.

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Digital dentistry reduces the risk and uncertainty associated with human factors, providing greater consistency, accuracy and precision at every stage of the workflow to improve patient care. 3D printers can produce a range of high-quality custom products and devices with good fit and repeatable results at a lower unit cost.


Audiologists and ear-modeling labs use digital workflow and 3D printing technology to more consistently manufacture higher quality custom earplug products and mass production for applications such as behind-the-ear hearing aids, hearing protection, custom earplugs and ear plugs.


3D printers are versatile tools for immersive learning and advanced research. They can encourage creativity and expose students to professional-level technology while supporting STEAM courses in science, engineering, art and design.

Health Care

Affordable, professional-grade desktop 3D printing can help physicians provide customized treatments and devices to better serve each unique individual, opening the door to high-impact medical applications while saving organizations significant time and cost from the lab to the operating room.

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