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How does the SLA resin 3d printer work?

SLA stereolithography resin 3D printing technology, commonly referred to as "the mother of all 3D printing technology", is considered to be one of the most widely used high quality 3D printing technologies. Since 1990, we have been using SLA stereolithography, it is time to talk about this technology and 3D printing photosensitive resin materials.

The resin 3D printer is called the sla 3d printer, and the following is a photo of the resin 3D printing model when it is completed:

How does the SLA resin 3d printer work?cid=301

The scraper of the resin 3d printer will smooth the liquid resin under the driving of the screw guide rail, since the printed documents are cut in the computer beforehand to ensure that each layer has the same thickness.

The liquid polymer we use is a resin that changes from a liquid to a solid when the 3D printing software controls the UV laser to illuminate the surface of the material. Basically, where the laser spot is printed, the portion that it contacts will harden, and the portion that is not touched by the laser will remain liquid.

Laser light + scraper smoothing, these two steps are repeated over and over again. Each time a layer is printed, the model is also lowered by one layer, and the new layer continues to be printed. The process of laser curing is the process of resin 3D printing. These steps will continue to repeat until the model is complete.

Once the printing process is completed, the entire object is lifted from the resin bath by the pallet. The excess liquid material remains in the resin bath and can be used for other printing. The printed model will be manually removed for support and other treatments (including sanding surfaces, painted surfaces, etc.) as needed.

The following video will give you a better understanding of how SLA 3D printers work and how they are printed:

Kings High Speed SLA 3D Printer

SLA 3D printing technology uses more than one material. In fact, we offer four different photosensitive resins, each with its own characteristics. Of course, these resins also have some common features: they have a smooth surface and are ideal for post-treatment.

Standard resin: The standard resin is white hard after printing. The surface finish is very good and the post-treatment is very easy. It is the best choice for hand model making.

White resin 3d printing car grille prototype

Transparent resin: It can also be used on our Kings industrial 3D printer. The transparent resin is transparent and can be made into other translucent colors by painting. In fact, transparent resin is also the more commonly used SLA 3D printing material.

Transparent resin 3d printing wine bottle model

Brown resin: Brown 3D printing resin is a great all-rounder. It has a high level of detail and is suitable for small and medium models with a smooth, brown surface. This brown color eliminates the paint process, and many shoe mold factories use brown resin because long-term gaze does not cause dazzling when viewing details.

Brown resin 3D printed shoe mold

Brown resin 3D printed shoe mold

Yellow Rigid Resin: High toughness resin has high strength. He can make some hand model that needs to be resistant to knocking and knocking, such as electrical enclosures and auto parts models. This photosensitive resin is also a popular SLA 3D printing material.

How does the SLA resin 3d printer work?cid=301

Do you want a 3D printed model made of high quality photosensitive resin? You can send your 3D file to our customer service to make a quote for you. If you need a high-precision SLA resin 3D printer, you can also consult our customer service or direct call, we will provide 3D printer product manual and quote to you.

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