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Application of Resin 3D Printer in Prototyping

A resin 3d printer refers to an industrial SLA 3D printer that uses a liquid resin as a processing material. It has a powerful styling ability to make products of any shape and is widely used in the field of prototyping.

Prototyping has gone through three stages: hand-made, CNC engraving and now 3D printing, and the efficiency has been greatly improved. Since the prototype has high requirements on size and precision, the most suitable 3D printing technology is SLA stereolithography.

Kings SLA Resin 3D Printer

The SLA 3D printer has its limitations. It can only print a specific material - photosensitive resin, and the properties of the photosensitive resin are similar to ABS plastic. Therefore, resin 3D printers are mainly used to make plastic prototypes, which are not suitable for metal prototypes.

1, the appearance of the prototype

The appearance prototype is mainly used to view the appearance and size, and has lower requirements on other properties of the material. The resin 3D printer can print the appearance prototype of any shape with higher resolution. The more difficult the product, the higher the efficiency of 3D printing, the more the cost low. Most of the prototypes are now made from resin 3D printers.

2, the structure prototype

The structural prototype has certain requirements on the strength of the material. The resin 3D printer can satisfy some structural prototypes. For which strength requirements are particularly high, it can be fabricated by using a complex molding process or SLS nylon 3D printer.

Prototype of children's car made by resin 3D printer

3, small batch customization

For some users' small-volume customization requirements, if the use is only for ordinary indoor decoration, it can be made with photosensitive resin 3D printer. If the requirement is specific plastic material, or high temperature, strength, etc., it must be used. It is made by silicone compound mold and low pressure infusion process.

4, soft collagen type

Resins are available in flexible resins and rigid resins. Most of the prototypes use rigid resins, and a small number of prototypes use flexible resins. Kings 3D from Shenzhen, China is a professional resin 3D printer manufacturer. The flexible 3D printing resin developed by the company has excellent toughness, wear resistance and elasticity. It is widely used in the shoe mold industry and is used to produce wearable 3D printed shoes.

5, transparent prototype

In the past, transparent prototypes were usually made using CNC machine tools for engraving acrylic materials, but today they are almost entirely replaced by resin 3D printers. It can make translucent and fully transparent effects, and can add other colors on a transparent basis.

Transparent wine bottle model made by resin 3D printer

By industry, resin 3D printers can be used in almost all industries for prototyping. Architectural models, prototypes of home appliances, prototypes of medical devices, prototypes of automotive parts, prototypes of office equipment, prototypes of computer digital products, etc., industrial SLA 3D printers can be fully utilized.

Which brand of SLA resin 3D printer is good?

The SLA resin 3D printer was first invented by 3d systems and subsequently developed rapidly in Germany, China, the Netherlands and other countries. Kings 3D is a Chinese sla 3d printer manufacturer that has grown very fast and has become a popular resin 3D printer brand with superior quality and affordable prices for most small businesses. Today, Kings Industrial Sla3d printers are not only sold in China, but also in many countries around the world, they are used to make a variety of Shouban models.

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