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How to choose sla 3d printer?

There are many types of 3D printing technology, and sla 3d printer is the most widely used 3D printer. Sla 3d printer has a faster printing speed and higher printing accuracy than other types of 3D printers. It is a resin 3D printer. If you want to prototype with 3D printing technology and verify the appearance, size and structure of the product, SLA 3D printer is a good choice. You may ask:  How do I choose an SLA 3D printer?

How to choose sla 3d printer?cid=301

Industrial SLA 3D Printer and Desktop SLA 3D Printer

Classification and difference of sla 3D printers

First of all, what we should know is that SLA 3D printers are also divided into desktop and industrial 3D printers, which have different print sizes and precisions and different prices for different industries. We should determine what SLA 3D printer we need based on the characteristics of our products.

1, the print size is different: the industrial SLA 3D printer can print more than one meter, such as the Kings 1700Pro from Kings 3D Printing Technology, the print size is 1700 * 800 * 600mm, the industrial SLA 3D printer is more suitable for the production of large products, such as prototype Production, automotive parts, household appliances, shoe mold making, industrial design, architectural model making, etc. The desktop SLA3D printer has a smaller print size, generally less than 300 mm, and is often used for jewelry development and tooth model making. If you need a large format SLA 3D printer, the industrial SLA 3D printer is clearly more suitable.

Large format SLA 3D printer Kings1700

Large format SLA 3D printer Kings1700

2, the accuracy is different: The desktop-grade SLA 3D printer has higher resolution than the industrial SLA3D printer, and can print more precise products. The former has a print layer thickness of 0.01 mm, and the latter has a print layer thickness of usually 0.05 mm. If you have higher print accuracy. The desktop SLA 3D printer is a good choice, and the size of the product you print is small.

3, the price is different: the price of desktop SLA 3D printer is usually 500-5000 US dollars, while the price of industrial SLA 3D printer is usually more than 50,000 US dollars. Currently, manufacturers of industrial SLA 3D printers are mainly distributed in the United States, Germany and China, and the cheaper industrial SLA 3D printers are usually Chinese brands.

Kings High Speed SLA 3D Printer

The Kings Industrial SLA 3D printer from China is far ahead in local sales, and it is difficult for other international competitors to sell products locally in China. Because Kings Industrial SLA 3D printers can produce products of the same quality, the price is much lower.

If you want to get an industrial SLA 3D printer at a lower budget, Kings 3D Printing Technology is undoubtedly the best supplier. Kings provides worldwide technical support and their SLA 3D printers have more than 20 Software technology that increases print speed is a trusted brand.

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