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Kings: Does the SLA 3D printer subvert your industry?

I don't know if you know the existence of the Kings 3D printer? Before that, I didn't know, until I came to Jinshi 3D Technology Co., Ltd. to apply for me to know the Kings 3D printer.

So, what does the Kings 3D printer do? It is understood that Jinshi 3D printer adopts the principle of SLA stereolithography technology, rapid prototyping by laser scanning liquid photosensitive resin, the precision is up to 0.05mm, 360° no dead angle printing, can be used to print various model molds in various industries, which can save the entrepreneurs. Cost, greatly shortening product production time. So let's see what industries are currently involved in 3D printers.

Kings: Does the SLA 3D printer subvert your industry?cid=301

Whether ubiquitous SLA 3D printers subvert your industry

Automobile industry

Cars are modern products that carry us around the world every day. With the advancement of technology, cars are becoming more and more advanced. For most families, cars are not necessarily consumer goods and closer to necessities. If you have money or no money, you want to buy a car. The emergence of Jinshi 3D printer will affect the development of the automotive industry. Jinshi large 3D printer is used in automobile model making, automobile hand board processing, automobile design and modification, automobile rapid mold manufacturing, etc., which has brought unprecedented new climax to the automotive industry.

Medical industry

Doctors are exposed to many patients every day, and 3D printing technology is mainly to help doctors communicate with patients, accurately determine the condition and plan for surgery. With the development of 3D printing technology and the increasing demand for personalized and personalized medical treatment, 3D printing has been developed to directly manufacture hearing aid housings, implants, complex surgical instruments and 3D printing drugs.

Hand-held industry

Hand-made, everyone is no stranger. In the exhibition, we can often see that it can be said that it is a must-have for the exhibition. Those who don’t mix the second and the non-mixed exhibition rarely touch the hand, but in our life. I can often hear it. The development of 3D printing technology will gradually replace the hand-held industry. 3D printing technology can print animation models with different shapes and fine expressions, and even create 3D image files through pictures to create beautiful and realistic simulation dolls.


Now that the advantages of 3D printing technology are recognized by more and more architects, 3D printers can quickly turn design inspiration into something that is at your fingertips, and can be scaled at will, which greatly reduces the time to manufacture scale models.

Whether ubiquitous light-cured 3D printers subvert your industry

Kings: Does the SLA 3D printer subvert your industry?cid=301

3D printing mechanical equipment assembly line model

Household appliances

In our lives, we often use items that are inseparable, such as hair dryers, electric fans, rice cookers, cups, bowls, etc., and 3D printing technology can be directly and quickly without being limited by the design structure and shape of the product. Printed prototypes dramatically shorten the designer's design cycle.

3D printer technology type and many, Kings 3D printer belongs to the principle of stereolithography (SLA) technology. It is the most widely used 3D printing technology in the world. It has super high precision and printing speed and is subverting many traditions. Craft.

Ok, I won’t introduce them one by one. If you want to know more about 3D printing technology, please leave a message in the message area or click “Follow” in the upper right corner.

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