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How much is 3D printing a model?

With the popularity of 3D printers, model making has also entered the printing era, which saves a lot of time and development costs for users. How much is 3d printing a model? This depends on what kind of 3d printing technology, 3d printing materials, 3d printing model size, wall thickness, post-process, etc.

How much is 3D printing a model?cid=301

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3d printing technology principle

At present, the mainstream 3D printing working principle for model printing has two modes: FDM and SLA. FDM is a fused deposition molding. Generally speaking, the material is melted into a liquid state by high temperature, solidified by extrusion through a printing head, and finally arranged in a three-dimensional space to form a solid object. SLA is a photocuring stereo rapid prototyping. Generally speaking, a specific laser is used to scan a liquid photosensitive resin to form a layer by layer.

FMD prints at a slow speed and has low precision. The material is generally plastic, and the price of printing is not low. It has gradually been eliminated by the market and is not commercially available. The SLA prints fast and has high precision. The material is generally photosensitive resin, and the price is generally charged at 2 yuan/g. Due to the high efficiency of SLA and clear and reasonable charges, it has become the main working mode of the whole Shouban model industry, and gradually replaces the traditional CNC process. SLA3d printers have also become standard equipment for many Shouban model processing plants, and Jinshi Industrial Grade 3D printing equipment has helped thousands of Shouban model companies to make a profit.

At the same time, there are metal 3D printing equipment such as SLS and SLM. The printed materials are also different, including stainless steel, titanium alloy, gold and so on. The printing fee for these machines is often above 10 yuan / gram.

How much is 3D printing a model?cid=301

SLA 3D printing

3d printed material

The prices of different materials are also different. For example, the photosensitive resin used in sla includes white hard materials, pink hard materials, soft materials, transparent materials, high-strength materials and the like. Generally, the 3D printing hand model is made by selecting a common white hard material, and occasionally there is a case of selecting a transparent resin. The price of the transparent material is three times that of the ordinary material.

Other types of materials such as titanium alloys, stainless steels, and the like have different costs and service costs.

How much is 3D printing a model?cid=301

Photosensitive resin 3D printing material

Model size and wall thickness

Since the 3D printing industry basically charges by the weight of the consumables, the size, wall thickness (thickness), solid or hollow of the model determine the printing cost and price of a model. Jinshi 3D recommends that you choose to print the hollow model when flying in special circumstances, and the wall thickness is controlled above 1.2mm. The model thus produced not only ensures the solidity and availability, but also controls the cost reasonably.

How much is 3D printing a model?cid=301

3D printed bone model

Model complexity

The structure of different models also determines the difference in unit price, especially the heterogeneous model. Due to the complicated structure, it is easy to cause printing failure. The labor of programming and post-processing is also much more expensive. The risk of packaging and transportation is also high, and the unit price is often higher than the ordinary model. .

How much is 3D printing a model?cid=301

3D printed cutout lighting

3d printing process

After 3d printing, the process includes grinding, oil spraying (painting), electroplating, silk screen printing and other processes. The different craftsmanship and size determine the exquisiteness of the 3D hand model and the service cost will be different.

How much is 3D printing a model?cid=301

3D printing model

Jinshi 3D provides comprehensive 3D printing services such as 3D printing, 3D modeling, 3D scanning, and copying. Hundreds of sla 3d printers are guaranteed to respond to printing needs in the first time.

How much is 3D printing a model?cid=301

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