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Sixty percent of the cost, five times more efficient, rapid prototyping companies are using Kings laser 3D printer

For more than three decades, rapid prototyping has evolved from manual to milling lathes and CNC engraving machines to today's 3D printing. Although many rapid prototyping companies still use CNC engraving machines, the drawbacks of CNC have become increasingly apparent.

After the advent of 3D printing technology, those far-sighted rapid prototyping companies have incorporated 3D printing services into corporate planning, and have erected the banner of “3D printing prototypes”. It is reported that the prototype production company using Kings 3D printer for more than one year, the average business volume increased by more than 25%, labor cost savings of 40%.

kings sla 3d printer

Kings sla 3d printer

The drawbacks of CNC

High labor costs

CNC engraving machines require a high level of proficiency in the operation of workers, and labor costs in China have increased year by year in the past decade. In 1997, the wages of CNC workers were 1,000, and now they are 4,000-5,000 yuan per capita. The younger generation of workers are reluctant to do this kind of work, and the technology has no latecomers to inherit. The CNC workshop is noisy, the environment is not good, and the turnover of the hand board industry is very serious.

CNC can't make complex prototypes

CNC can't make precision structures such as hollow, curved surface, hollow, barbs, etc. Even if it is forced to be made, the process of disassembly and assembly is time-consuming and costly.

3D printing prototype

3D printing prototype

Advantages of 3D printers

Fast and efficient

3D printing, fast speed and short production cycle. CNC products completed in one week, 3D printing can be delivered in one day. 3D printing can be produced without manual intervention, whether it is day or night, and the production efficiency is significantly improved.

Easy to make complex structures at low cost

The Kings 3D printer uses stereolithography to easily create sophisticated prototypes. Some finished products that CNC can't do at all, it can be made, and even the dandelion furry feeling can be made.

Save labor

The Kings SLA 3D printer is easy to operate, and novices can operate as long as they are trained for 2-3 days. You don't need high education, you don't need senior experience, you can learn by reading words.

3D printing prototype

3D printing prototype


Using CNC to make prototypes will produce dust pollution and noise pollution. In such a working environment for a long time, it is easy to cause anxiety and fatigue. The Kings Industrial 3D printer does not generate any noise and eliminates dust pollution and heavy metal pollution.

Less mistakes

Using Kings commercial 3D printers for prototyping, product cost and quality have good constancy, minimal bias, no unnecessary waste of resources and additional manufacturing costs.

Higher customer satisfaction

Often the rapid prototyping company feeds back to Jinshi: "With your machine, orders are completed faster, and many orders that were previously unavailable can now be easily completed, and customer satisfaction is much improved."

Accelerate product design innovation

3D printers can quickly manufacture any physical model, which inevitably promotes the innovation of industrial design and meets the customization needs of the market.

Sixty percent of the cost, five times more efficient, rapid prototyping companies are using Kings laser 3D printer

Shanghai Jiahang 3D pringting


Shanghai Jiahang is a company with more than 10 years of rapid prototyping experience. They purchased 100 Kings industrial 3D printers. The person in charge said: "In the past, we encountered orders for complex structures such as undercuts, inner space, hollowing out, etc. We often got helpless. After using 3D printers, these problems were solved. Of course, we did not completely abandon the CNC because in some areas CNC still has its advantages. We combined Kings 3D printers with CNC engraving machines, and our business volume has increased by 82% in the past year."

If you are also engaged in rapid prototyping, why not contact us today to purchase a 3D printer?

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