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Five tips for buying an industrial sla 3d printer

The quality of the current industrial SLA 3D printer market is uneven; for the first time users, it is very important to understand the relevant parameters of the 3D printer equipment. Kings has compiled five purchase experiences to help you buy the right 3D printer.

First, choose the right print size

The first thing you need to know is the print size of the machine. This determines how big the size of the product can be printed. It must be compared to the product you are making. You can also consult the 3D printer sales manager and let him make decisions for you.

Second, understand the printing speed, accuracy, thickness

The three parameters of speed, accuracy and layer thickness are related to each other. Sometimes we have to balance the efficiency between the quality. The finer the precision of 3D printing, the smaller the layer thickness, but the slower the printing speed, the printing When the speed is faster, the larger the layer thickness of the print, the rougher the model. When printing the model, you can balance these parameters according to the effect of the model you want.


Kings sla 3d printer

Third, understand the control software

Usually, the operating environment of the printer is generally Windows, Mac OX, Linux. The 3D printers developed by different companies have different operating software. The saved model files are usually in .stl or Gcode format, which can be designed according to the 3D design software you will use. Models such as SolidWorks. PRO-E, Auto CAD, 3DsMax, Maya, etc. Kings 3D printers use KINGS 3D printing device control software with software copyright.

Fourth, 3D printer accessories

The hardware configuration of 3D printers is also an important criterion for measuring the quality of machines. In order to win the market with price, some merchants have reduced the machine configuration and used inferior spare parts. It is still consumers who suffer in the end. The Kings 3D printer uses a high-precision galvanometer system to ensure high-speed operation while maintaining good stability.


SLA 3D Printing

Fifth, the raw materials must be photosensitive resin

Many FDM3D printer manufacturers also advertise that their products are industrial grade. Kings reminds you that the raw material for SLA 3D printers is photosensitive resin, so be sure to buy.


SLA 3D Printing

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