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China Jinshi: High-resolution 3d printer manufacturer

The SLA 3D printer produced by Jinshi, Shenzhen, China has the advantage of low-cost printing precision products. As a high-precision 3d printer, the stability of the whole machine is also the key to the precision. Kings 3D printer uses high-resolution galvanometer system and scanning card, printing speed is fast and stable, accurate positioning, with intelligent positioning vacuum adsorption coating The layer system, the printed doll can clearly see the hair.

China Jinshi: High-resolution 3d printer manufacturer

The accuracy of the 3d printer is mainly judged from several aspects. One is to build the layer thickness. The normal layer thickness of the Kings printer is 0.1mm, the most precise layer thickness is 0.05mm, and the fast layer thickness is 0.2mm. The intelligent positioning vacuum adsorption coating system is very simple to operate, and the user can set the layer thickness according to his own needs, and can be operated by one-click operation of the computer. The size of the laser spot diameter is also one of the factors that affect accuracy. If 3D printing is realistically engraved, the laser spot is like a carving knife. The laser spot diameter of Kings stereolithography 3D printer equipment is between 0.10-0.15mm, which can print any precise structure.

Kings 3D printers bring stereolithography to the forefront, and the printed products can be used for product development, rapid prototyping, and end use, with precise detailing and superior mechanical performance, and the cost of printing per model is far Lower than other 3D printing technologies.

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