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New Arrivals Kings Fused Granular Fabrication Launch Out

Main Advantage:

Ø Large printing format (1600*1200*1300mm & 2400*2000*1350mm)

Ø Fast speed (up to 30kg/hour)

Ø Suitable for finished products & outdoor use (PETG, PETG+GF, PETG+CF)

Ø Applicable for multiple materials (including but not limited to ABS, PLA, PETG, PEEK, PA and etc.)

Ø High precision and surface quality, with a combination of additive and subtractive (FGF2400)

New Arrivals Kings FGF1600 Launch Out

Ideal Application:

Ø Advertising

Ø Sculpture/Statue

Ø Outdoor decoration

Ø Furniture

Ø Mold manufacturing

Take the following large vase as an example, with a printing size of 641*631*1250mm, and a total weight of 11.2kg, the printing time is 6 hours.

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