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Jiang Zexing explains 3D printing military and medical applications

On September 15th, Lanzhou Science and Technology Fair held a military-civilian integration industry development forum to exchange and negotiate on the integration of the military and civilians in China, the progress made and the future development direction. Jiang Zexing, Chairman of Shenzhen Jinshi 3D Printing Technology Co., Ltd. gave a keynote speech.

Jiang Zexing explains 3D printing military and medical applications

The topic of Jiang Zexing's speech is "Golden Stone 3D with 3D Printing Assistant Military and Civilian Integration", which mainly analyzes the application of 3D printing technology in military and medical fields. He first analyzed the development status of 3D printing in the world and China, and said that the scale of China's 3D printing market will reach even more than 115 billion US dollars in the next five years.

"3D printing can be applied to all walks of life in theory. Different industries will have different solutions and application methods. The application of 3D printing in military applications will be more mature, mainly in military sandbox production, military equipment design, military equipment. Production, military equipment maintenance, lightweight soldier equipment production, etc. Through 3D printing technology, not only can improve the advanced nature of military equipment, but also can save a lot of military expenses." Jiang Zexing said: "3D printing can integrate multiple parts in For example, in an aircraft engine turbine, the number of parts can be reduced by 80%, and the weld seam can be reduced to reduce the self-weight while ensuring performance."

Jiang Zexing explains 3D printing military and medical applications

Jiang Zexing also analyzed the application of 3D printing technology in medical applications: "3D printing technology can help doctors make simulation decisions and help patients understand the condition from preoperative models, intraoperative guides, postoperative rehabilitation protective gears, etc., thereby improving doctors and patients. Communicate efficiency and improve the success rate of surgery."

On the same day, General Jiang Jiangliang, Research Fellow of the Chinese People's Liberation Army Academy of Military Sciences, and Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Director of the Key Laboratory of Military Surveying and Mapping Engineering of the PLA Information Engineering University, Wang Jianyao, General Manager of Shenzhen Shenzhou Yunhai Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Shen Jianbo, General Manager of Beijing State Gold Technology Co., Ltd. Rui also made a speech entitled "Xi Jinping's Strong Army Strategy and the Deep Development of Military and Civil Integration in Gansu Province", "Time and Space Big Data", "Spirit of the Army, Artificial Intelligence for the Integration of Military and Civilian", "High Performance Liquid Metal Thermal Control Technology" Report.

Jiang Zexing explains 3D printing military and medical applications

In the speech, the guests said that the integration of military and civilian development is a major strategic concept put forward by the party and the state to adapt to the changes in the country's economic and social development and the demands of today's world technology and military revolution. Only by unswervingly taking the road of integration and development of the military and civilians, gathering the people's wisdom, uniting the people's hearts, integrating the people's strength, and actively occupying new high grounds in the fields of military engineering research, personnel training and resource security, can we provide a lasting and strong development momentum for the strong army. .

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