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Jinshi fast industrial 3D printer JS7255, solving the problem of commercial mass production

If you can't use the latest technology, you can only wait for the fate of being eroded!

Although 3D printing has gained market recognition in recent years, it has made major breakthroughs in the fields of rapid prototyping, automobile manufacturing, shoe mold processing, model manufacturing, and construction. However, current commercial 3D printing still faces many problems: when printing samples in small batches, 3D printers are cheaper and faster than traditional processes, and they have no advantage in large-scale production.

Jinshi fast industrial 3D printer JS7255, solving the problem of commercial mass production

The Kings Rapid Industrial 3D Printer JS7255 is designed to solve this problem. Printing high-quality physical components is 10 times faster than current 3D printing systems, and the cost is greatly reduced.

The JS7255 uses dual laser head scanning, equipped with a high-precision galvanometer scanning system and a smart positioning vacuum adsorption coating system to greatly increase the printing speed. JS7255 brings the SLA light-curing 3D printing technology to the fullest, and the thickness of the layer can be accurate to 0.05mm. The printed products not only have precise detail features and excellent mechanical properties, but also print costs are much lower than other 3D printing technologies. With a print size of 720*550*390mm, the JS7255 can print large size products and also enable batch printing.

The use of the latest technology is an essential element for companies to occupy market share, and they will only be eliminated by rivals in the market competition. Apple's innovative technology has overturned Nokia, and today, the JS7255 will overturn all small, low-speed 3D printing devices. Always firmly believe that the future is boundless!

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