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How much does it cost to set up a 3D printing service company?

Do you want to say goodbye to an endless career? Do you also have a heart that never compromises? Do you also want to be at the forefront of the times? Do you also want to have a career of your own. The 3D printer startup project is undoubtedly a good choice.

Listen to the story of this senior mold master first.

I am a mold engineer with 15 years of work experience and I saw the KINGS Industrial 3D printer at one show. Judging from my years of industry experience, 3D printing can produce more products at a lower cost. I purchased a KINGS 3D printer to provide modeling services to our customers. In the past year, an average of nearly 200,000 yuan has been received every month. Today, I own my own company and have added five KINGS large format 3D printers.

What are the 3D printing startup projects?

The first popular use of 3d printers is rapid prototyping. Customers are mainly industrial design companies, model companies, electronics factories, toy factories, and electrical factories.

You can also open a 3D printing service company to connect with various model making companies and process them. Models are produced in a wide range of models, including sandbox models, aerospace models, car models, toy models, graduation design models, and sculpture models.

3D printing portrait doll service can be applied to personalized custom, photo studio, travel classics, funeral and other industries, 3D printing portrait gallery, similar to 3D photography.

According to data from Kings, China's most professional 3D printer manufacturer, future 3D printing will continue to grow in the shoe mold industry.

How much does it cost to open a 3D printing service company?

The price of the KINGS SLA 3D printer is generally around $100,000, and you need to purchase at least one 3D printer for the first time. You also need to rent a house for office and processing, you can avoid the high rent zone and choose a more reasonable price. You need to hire at least two employees to work with you. 3D printer price + venue rent + employee first month salary = 3D printing company cost

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