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Kings 3d printer making factory building models in just one week

I believe that people who have bought a house or worked in the real estate sales department have seen architectural models, while factory building models are not common and can only be seen by professional model making companies. With the development of 3D printing technology, more and more model companies use large industrial 3D printers to make building models.

Today, Shenzhen Jinshi has printed a large-scale factory building model for Jinfeng, which helps Jinfeng better demonstrate the workflow and capacity structure to customers.

Kings large sla 3d printer

Kings large sla 3d printer

In the past, the construction of building models generally required various processes such as making booths, painting PVC panels, carving building parts, making accessories, and assembling and assembling. Compared with 3D printing, there are many disadvantages, including long production cycle, high cost and low precision. With Kings' large 3D printer, you can quickly create a model by importing the designed 3D file into your device's computer.

Jinfeng's complete factory building model, the traditional production method takes one month to complete, and the Kings 3d printer takes only one week, including printing, polishing, coloring and other processes. The 3D printing materials used are white photosensitive resin and transparent photosensitive resin to ensure a more realistic effect. At the same time, production costs are greatly reduced.

3D printers will become an important production equipment for building models, which will save a lot of manpower and material resources and improve work efficiency.

3d printing building model

3d printing building model

3d printing building model

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