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Qiuping Model Company takes Kings large industrial 3D printer to the extreme in the automotive field

In the context of the industry 4.0 era, the automotive industry must achieve short design cycle iterations, and continue to meet the customization needs of users in order to stay ahead in the manufacturing industry, and the realization of this goal is inseparable from 3D printing. The use of 3D printing technology can effectively improve the production efficiency of automobiles, reduce production costs, and make the appearance more individual.

3d printing car modle company

For many years, Qiuping Model Company has provided professional 3D modeling + 3D printing overall solutions for the automotive industry, and has closely participated in the production of various exhibition cars and accessories of many automobile brands. The Qiuping model takes SLA light-curing 3D printing technology to the extreme, and produces test models and functional prototypes through the Jinshi 3D printing equipment as a means of design verification and evaluation before the new car is put into production.

Qiuping Model Company takes Kings large industrial 3D printer to the extreme in the automotive field

German EDAG LightCocoon3D printing car

1. Model review

Car styling creative review is an important node in car design, which determines the process of car styling and the process of design iteration. Thanks to the rapid prototyping of 3D printing, developers can use 3D printing technology to create conceptual models in hours or days.

3d printing car model

2. Design verification, performance test car model

In the development of vehicle products, it is usually necessary to verify the design reliability (installation structure, part matching, structural strength, etc.) of the product. At the same time, in order to make up for the design risk brought by the vehicle test in the middle and late stages of vehicle development, it needs to be in the early stage of design. Sample verification is performed, and prototypes can be made using the SLA process for functional and assembly testing.

3d printng car model

Car verification model made with Kings 3D printer

3. Making complex car parts

During the development process, when the structural design is complicated, it is impossible to manufacture using traditional manufacturing processes, or the parts with traditional manufacturing cost are very high, and the complicated structural parts such as 3D printing can be used, and the cost can be reduced in a shorter time and at a lower cost. To verify the design ideas of the designers. Traditional process CNC practice (using 300 thick material to process a frame, the actual product only occupies 2% of the material)

For example: the front grille and curved surface structure of the car are very many. This kind of full meshing complex modeling is very difficult to process traditional machine tools, and by embedding these complicated partial parts in 3D and then embedding them into the whole vehicle model, Achieve the desired results.

3d design

3d printing car model

3d printing car modle

Car grille model made by Kings 3D printer

4. Multi-material composite parts

In the development of vehicle products, it is inevitable to encounter a variety of different materials, such as: rubber and plastic, composite of different color materials, such as: taillights outside the lens; transparent and opaque materials composite, such as: headlights Circle lights. Compared with traditional secondary injection molding and two-color injection molding, 3D printing has obvious advantages in mold cost, part joint structure, part strength and reliability.

5. Lightweight structural parts

Automotive lightweighting has become more and more important in product development. With 3D printing technology, it is possible to manufacture hollow lightweight structural parts from plastics and even metals. For example, lightweight 3D printing car seat weight loss has been developed. 72%.

6. Customized special tooling

In addition to automotive parts, assembly parts, measuring tools, and inspection tools for the production line are also ideal for 3D printing.

7. After-sales personality customization

In the personalized body cover, car interior and exterior (bumper, instrument panel, car control, spoiler, etc.) parts more attractive to young customers, 3D printing is best for personalized customization.

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